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Warning - The information provided on this page has been provided solely for the purposes of public interest related to the practice of professional engineering. Other uses are strictly prohibited and any unauthorized use may be subject to action by Professional Engineers Ontario.

Please note: A policy review of the privacy policy was undertaken at the 10-year mark. As a result, the licence holder directory was recently updated to reflect changes in the legal framework made by federal and provincial Privacy Commissioners. The education profile was removed and replaced with new fields in the licence profile.
  • If you are a current licence holder and your name does not appear in this Directory or information in this Directory is not accurate, contact our Document Centre.
  • If you have questions or concerns about a licence holder, click here.
Licence holders are required to keep their information current and may update their profiles online in the Licence Holders Area of PEO's website.

Some licence holders have opted out of the Licence Holder Directory by formally submitting to PEO's Chief Privacy Officer a Request to Withhold Information from the Public Form. Only their name and licence type is made available to the public. This is consistent with PIPEDA and PEO's privacy policy.

Note: It is PEO's policy to licence individuals in their full legal name; this is the name that must be entered in our records, and that appears on the Licence Certificate. As described in the Application for Licence form, the legal name is the name that appears on the Canadian Birth Certificate, Record of Landing, Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, or a Canada's Permanent Resident Card. We will accept a revision to your full legal name only if you provide us with appropriate documentation confirming that the Registrar General (Ontario), or a similar authority in another province, has approved the change. How to Change Your Name. A marriage certificate is a valid document for changing the legal name.

Disciplines published in the directory are a combination of academic, which PEO has verified, and licence holder reported.

If a licence holder or member of the public seeks information that is not available from PEO's online Directory, they must formally request it using a Request for Access to Practitioner Information Form, which they submit to PEO's Chief Privacy Officer. For further information about PEO's privacy policy, please click here or contact PEO's Privacy Office by phone at 416-224-1100 or 1-800-339-3716, or by email

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The Expanded Public Information Model (EPIM) provides the public with relevant information about practitioners. Enabling access to as much information about licensed engineers as possible allows PEO to fulfill its regulatory mandate of serving and protecting the public interest by fostering informed choice by the public, and promotes professional accountability in practitioners.