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The Expanded Public Information Model (EPIM) allows PEO to fulfill its regulatory mandate to serve and protect the public interest by providing relevant information about licence holders and engineering interns through its online Directory.

PEO licence holders and engineering interns are required to keep their online profile up-to-date. Profiles may be updated through the PEO portal or by contacting PEO’s Document Centre if information is inaccurate or missing.

To request information that is not available from PEO's online Directory, please submit a completed Request for Access to Practitioner Information form to PEO's Chief Privacy Officer.

Note: It is PEO's policy to license individuals in their full legal name; this is the name that must be entered in PEO records and appear on the licence certificate. As described in the Licensing Guide and Application for Licence, the legal name is the name that appears on a: birth certificate issued by a Canadian province or territory; Record of Landing; Canadian citizenship certificate; or a Canadian permanent resident card. PEO will accept a revision to a full legal name only if provided with appropriate documentation confirming that the Registrar General of Ontario, or a similar authority in another province, has approved the change. A marriage certificate is a valid document for changing a legal name. Visit the Ontario Government website for more information on changing a name.

Individuals may opt out of PEO’s online Directory by submitting a completed Request to Withhold Information from the Public form to PEO's Chief Privacy Officer. This is consistent with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and PEO's Privacy Policy.

Use of the Directory indicates acceptance of PEO’s Website Terms of Use and Legal Restrictions. Use of information provided in the Directory for purposes other than those related to the practice of professional engineering is strictly prohibited and may be subject to action by PEO.