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The Expanded Public Information Model EPIM) allows PEO to fulfill its regulatory mandate to serve and protect the public interest by providing relevant information about Certificate of Authorization (C of A) and temporary Certificate of Authorization licence holders through its online Directory.

Please note: In the event there are discrepancies between the information listed on the Certificate of Authorization ( C of A) Directory and the PEO Registry, the registry is deemed to be the official profile of each C of A holder.

Note:  Not all PEO licencees hold Certificates of Authorization. To learn more about the C of A click here. For the most up-to-date information or if you are unable to locate a company, please contact Professional Engineers Ontario at 416-224-1100 or 1-800-339-3716.

Use of the directory indicates acceptance of PEO's Website Terms of Use and Legal Restrictions. Use of information provided in the directory for purposes other than those related to the practice of professional engineering is strictly prohibited and may be subject to action by PEO.

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